Establishing Trust with your Virtual Assistant

You’ve hired a Virtual Assistant – now what?

Trust is a key ingredient in making your virtual relationship work and succeed.  You’ve checked his/her references and they are glowing.  But, since you don’t physically see this person each day, it may be more difficult for you to put some level of trust with your assistant.

You may be surprised to know that your assistant is probably feeling the same apprehension that you are – remember they are taking a risk with you too.

Tips to feel more comfortable:

1.  Don’t hand over complete control right away:  Start out with small projects.  Once you get a feel for how your assistant works, you will start to feel more confident about his or her work ethic.

2.  Do discuss any concerns with your virtual assistant:  Honesty is the key to any working relationship – especially when you are starting out.   If you need something done differently than what was done, it is important to let your assistant know.

3.  Stay connected!  It is important that you and your assistant touch base regularly- especially if you have a lot of on-going projects.   That way you ensure that your projects or tasks are being completed and holding your assistant accountable for time worked.

REMEMBER:  Don’t micro-manage!  Your assistant was hired to free up your time – not add to it!

What other tips or strategies do you have for trust in your virtual workspace?  I’d love to hear from you – leave a comment!



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