Advertising your Services – Thumbtack

As a Virtual Assistant, I have a few avenues where I advertise my services and also can bid on new work.   Some I have had better luck with than others.

One service that I have had the best luck generating leads AND gaining clients is Thumbtack.  Thumbtack advertises for many different service areas, not just administrative services.

I receive emails when clients post an ad for a service they need performed.  I then have the opportunity to submit a quote.  If the client is interested, they have my contact information and can call me directly.

I can take steps to improve my profile such as upload pictures and answer questions about my services.

Check out my profile:   Virtual Assistant Services

It is free to set up your profile.  It does cost a few dollars to submit a quote and bid on jobs.  The most I have ever had to pay is $4.  To me, that is a small price to pay for a strong lead on a new client!

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